Belgium loosens restrictive measures on COVID-19

As of Friday, February 18, 2022, the rules for entering Belgium will not depend on the color code of the country
 from which the traveler arrives.

Persons not domiciled in Belgium and coming from EU / Schengen countries or third countries must have one of the 
following documents valid:
- vaccination certificate,
certificate of illness or
- certificate of negative PCR result or rapid antigen test.
Some deadlines for the validity of the certificates are also changed:
The vaccination certificate will be valid for 270 days after the last dose of the primary vaccination.

In the presence of an additional booster dose, the vaccination certificate becomes indefinite.
The certificate for a negative result of a rapid antigen test will be valid for only 24 hours, 
instead of 48 hours, as is currently the case. PCR tests will remain valid for 72 hours.