Borders of Belgium are open

1. Restrictive measures to enter the country:
Belgium's boundaries are open. Since 19 April, the provisional ban on travel from and to the country for the European Union and Schengen countries, including Bulgaria, for tourism or other non-essential reasons, has dropped.
Since May 31, Bulgaria is designated as "orange zone". For the arrivals from an orange zone, including Bulgaria, the requirement to present a negative test upon arrival in Belgium and the compulsory 7-day quarantine. Persons subject to testing and quarantine will be informed directly by Belgian health authorities at their discretion and on the basis of the information contained in the localization form of passengers.
Preliminary online registration - Passenger locator Form - PLF). All persons traveling for Belgium by plane, ship, bus or train are required to fill and send electronically within 48 hours before the trip but not earlier than 48 hours before arriving in Belgium, Passenger Locator Form Form, (PLF) at:
Filling in the form is compulsory regardless of the cause of the trip and regardless of whether the country of origin is in a red, orange or green area.
With a correctly completed form, a CMC is obtained with a QR confirmation code to be selected when checking and boarding and entering the country. If the traveler can not complete the PLF electronic form, a paper version may be used to be completed and signed before the arrival in Belgium.
For its own travelers, filling in the form is mandatory only after residence abroad over 48 hours or if they will remain in Belgium more than 48 hours.
PCR test. The requirement for a mandatory presentation of a PCR test with a negative result when entering Belgium is eliminated. If a person falls under an obligation for a PCR test or quarantine, on the basis of the information from the localization of the passengers, the Belgian health authorities will directly connect to him and inform him with a CMC / telephone call.
Some airlines may continue to require a negative check before checking, for which travelers should be informed by the carrier.

From 4 January 2021, an additional BUSINESS TRAVEL ABROAD FORM (BTA) for travel for professional reasons, with different criteria for the decision whether the person must comply with compulsory quarantine. This form can not be used to travel to Belgium for temporary or permanent employment, but can be used for limited business contacts related to a specific project or activity in Belgium with a maximum duration of 5 days. For travel abroad to Belgian citizens and permanently living in Belgium, in connection with business projects or activities that require an urgent presence on the spot, there is no limit to the time of residence abroad. The BTA form must be completed online at: by the Belgian employer, the Belgian client or an international organization established on Belgian territory before the arrival or departure of the person. The completed BTA form generates a certificate number to be entered in the Modified PLF form to activate the professional travel section on the form. Without this number, travel is not considered to be officially / professionally and standard travel rules, including mandatory quarantine.
For trips from and to non-EU countries and Schengen, the EU's common rules continue to apply: non-essential journeys are prohibited. Travelers for these countries permanently living in Belgium, as well as persons arriving by these countries with permanent domicile in the chokin are obliged to fill out an affidavit of an essential journey at -Statement. The declaration applies evidence of the reason.
2. In the case of mandatory quarantine for Bulgarian citizens, quarantine release capabilities / available laboratories at airports / after which day can be tested on site:

From 31 May, mandatory quarantine is dropped on arrival in Belgium from orange zone, incl. from Bulgaria.
If a person falls under the quarantine obligation on the basis of the information provided in the passenger localization form, the Belgian health authorities will directly connect with him and inform him with a CMC / telephone call.
If, during the Belgium residence, the person is required to travel for another country, which requires a negative coronavirus test, such a PCR test can be made in a laboratory in Belgium, but not in the specialized test centers. A test can also be made at Brussels-Zaventa Airport and Charleo Airport. More information at,
The exit from home (hotel) during quarantine is only allowed for the following urgent activities: emergency medical care; Purchasing essential goods such as food and medicines if no one else can provide them; settlement of urgent legal / financial matters. In urgent exit, all hygiene measures and social distancing should be respected and not to use public transport
3. Transit / Transit Corridors:

Travelers who pass in transit by air and entering only the transit area should not present a negative outcome from the PRC test if it is not required to continue the trip to the final destination. They must have a confirmed ticket to their connecting flight.
If the trip to the end destination requires a negative PCR test, traveling transit must have one before they arrive in Belgium.
In the event of an organized journey, the carrier shall be obliged to verify that these passengers present a negative result from the test before boarding the organized transport. In the absence of a negative test result, the carrier is obliged to refuse uploading.
In transit and subsequent journey, airlines have to verify that the person has a confirmed air ticket for an immediate post-trip and a negative PCR test if required for the flight to the final destination. The airline assumes responsibility for the checking of anyone who does not meet these conditions and subsequently must ensure the return of the passenger in the country of departure.
In transit with its own vehicle (car), travelers who will reside in Belgium less than 48 hours are not obliged to complete a Passenger locator Form - PLF form.