Conditions of entry without quarantine and without registration on the territory of the Republic of Austria

As of 22.02.2021, travellers for Austria representing one of the three evidence of low epidemic danger;
• vaccinated (the certificate should not be older than 270 days),
• prejudiced (the pre-processing certificate should not be older than 180 days
• Tested (with an antigen test not earlier than 24 hours before travelling or PCR test no earlier than 72 hours before travelling)
• Can avoid quadrant also do not need to sign up.

Requirement for registration and placement in quarantine:
If the persons do not submit any of the documents listed above, they enter a 10-day quarantine from which they can be released after conducting a test immediately after entering Austria.
The certificate of vaccination within the country has a different validity than that regarding the regime of entry into Austria. They also need to make pre-electronic registration on the following page:

The provisions listed do not apply to transit travellers who pass through Austria without an intermediate stop. For them, there is no need to present test results and vaccination / pre-crime certificates.

Conditions for minors:
For juvenile persons under 12 years of age, there is no need for evidence in the above rules. Regarding the registration and entry regime, they correspond to the provisions that apply to the adult with whom they travel.
Underage children between 12 and 15 years of age to enter quarantine in the country can present a valid "Ninja Pass".
The necessary documents, including medical certificates in English and German, for verification of vaccination, prejudice or testing can be downloaded from the following site: