Negative result by PCR or antigen test not older than 72 hours upon entry into Austria

A new health regulation enters into force in Austria on February 10, 2021, according to which Bulgarian citizens, 
as well as all others arriving from countries subject to a pandemic travel warning, 
must present a negative result at the border upon entering the country. by PCR or antigen test not older than 72 hours.
If such tests are not available, Bulgarian citizens are obliged to perform a PCR or antigen test in Austria within 24 hours.

The quarantine period of 10 days remains, but with the possibility of shortening after a second test (PCR or antigen) 
after the 5th day of entry. The day of arrival in Austria is counted as day "0".
If they need additional information or assistance, Bulgarian citizens can contact the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria 
in Vienna during working hours on the following telephone number: +43 1 505 31 13 and during non-working hours 
on duty telephone number: +43 1 505 64 44 , or e-mail,