New Membership Cards with 20% discount on all trips around Bulgaria.

From 15th February 'Union Ivkoni' offers new membership cards with 20% discount on all trips around the country. The Cards are free of charge and can be found in every 'Union Ivkoni' office. As there is a personal code for every member, the discount can be used only by the card holder. The 20% cost reduction is available not only for a one-way ticket, but also for the round-trip price.

The membership card can be used online and by ticket purchase in a office. The discount is also available for all journey of Etap Adress and Group Plus in Bulgaria. The card holder should be able to identify himself with a personal document (ID card or passport). The price reduction cannot be used by a ticket purchase on board the bus. The membership card is valid until the end of 2020. For more information click HERE.