Removed restrictions on entry into the territory of the Republic of Slovenia

With effect from 19 February 2022, the restrictions imposed on the territory of Slovenia are already as follows:

• the requirement is delivered to the border treatment/vaccination/testing certificate for Kovid-19 (so PSR rule);
• Passengers will no longer be placed under home quarantine.
• Recommends when planning a trip abroad to monitor the epidemiological situation on the intended route, verified the requirements for entry into the country, which is a final destination of the trip and taking into account the decisions of local authorities.

After returning to Slovenia, it is necessary to comply with the recommendations of the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ) and other measures applicable during the epidemic. Foreigners who enter the territory of Slovenia must comply with the provisions that temporarily restrict the collection of people (see for the purpose of Preventing Kovid-19 infection in the country.
Tourist accommodation (hotels, etc.) in Slovenia are open. For more information, see "Measures to restrict the dissemination of Kovid-19 infections ( OF-COVID-19-INFECTIONS / # E99228).