Strict rules for travel from the Czech Republic to Germany are in force until March 17, 2021.

In connection with signals about Bulgarian citizens traveling by public transport traveling to the Czech Republic from Germany, we would like to remind you that due to the restrictive measures due to KOVID-19, strict rules for admission of foreign citizens are valid for Germany.
According to the information of our embassy in Berlin and in case of an irregular passenger, the vehicle is returned, not allowing tourists or foreign citizens without a valid reason.
Until 17 March 2021, temporary border control remains in place at the border with the Czech Republic and the Austrian province of Tyrol, classified as "areas with viral mutations". This means a temporary ban on the carriage of passengers and a recommendation to suspend travel from these countries.

Exceptions to the ban on entry into Germany through the territory of the Czech Republic and Tyrol are allowed only for:
- German citizens and third-country nationals who are members of the close circle of the family of a German citizen / spouse, partner, minor children and their parents /;
- citizens residing or residing in Germany;
- transport staff;
- personnel in the field of healthcare - doctors, nurses and other medical staff;
- citizens traveling to Germany for urgent humanitarian reasons, as well as citizens working for the International Atomic Energy Organization and the United Nations.

The exceptions also apply to frontier workers in occupations absolutely necessary to maintain the activities of enterprises in the provinces of Saxony and Bavaria.
In these cases, prior digital registration on the WWW.EINREISEANMELDUNG.DE or on paper is required for entry into Germany. A negative test for coronavirus, not older than 48 hours, is also required, and citizens are quarantined for a period of 10 days.