Transport sector joined forces in defence of citizens

Effective protest actions throughout the country begin

Nearly 100% of the representatives of the Bulgarian transport sector announce effective protest actions from May 10, 2022. Behind the declaration and strike actions are the Association of Bulgarian Enterprises for International Transport and Roads (AEBTS), the Bulgarian Association of Road Transport Associations, Bulgarian Association of Drivers , European Transport Cluster, Chamber of Road Carriers in Bulgaria, Confederation of Bus Carriers, National Association of Bulgarian Carriers and Union of International Carriers.

Effective protest actions have no political motive, they are economically and socially focused and in support of all Bulgarian citizens. The price of transport for passengers and goods depends on the actions of the state. What we are seeing is inaction, negligence and a clear active provocation to the transport business. The lack of adequate transport policy has led to an increase in prices for end consumers, bankruptcy of transport companies and job loss.
We, the representatives of the transport industry in Bulgaria, have always been consistent in our demands and ready for dialogue with every government. We offer specific measures to facilitate the complex economic situation caused by the cow crisis and war in Ukraine. The high fuel prices are reflected in every Bulgarian citizen.

Our reasoned requests are:
1. Removal of the biocomponent in fuels for a 6-month period.
2. Reduction of fuel excise duty by 50% for a period of 6 months.
3. A moratorium on the expansion of the range and the size of the toll, planned by the government for July 2022.
4. Provision of the necessary means to guarantee the transport service of Bulgarian citizens - subsidies for the unprofitable lines and compensation for the preferential travel of students, pensioners and other entitled groups of real extent, because currently carriers subsidize transport and not the state subsidizes the carriers.
5. Resignations of Nikolay Sabev, Grozdan Karadjov and Assen Vasilev because of the lack of constructive dialogue, the lack of expertise and any anti -crisis measures to support the sector and Bulgarian citizens.

Why is this protest important for every Bulgarian citizen, not just for the transport business?
1. If the government respects our demands, we will pay all Bulgarians with about 45 pennies (a total of biocomponent and excise duty) less per liter of fuel, that is, we will return below the levels of BGN 3.00. That is why we urge all the people for whom the prices are currently impossible to support us!
2. If no emergency measures are taken to reduce fuel prices and the government does not refuse to expand the range and increase the toll fee, this will lead to the chain to the price of each product you buy - bread, fruits, milk, milk , medicines. Transport is part of the price of each product. Let's take an example, bread, and imagine his path to our table - it reaches the table by transporting seeds, transport of grain, transport of flour and other ingredients, transportation of finished bread, which can be in several different stages S The cost of each of these steps will undoubtedly lead to a noticeable increase in the final price that everyone pays in the store.
3. If funds are not provided for sparsely populated areas, more and more people will be without transport and will be detached from the world. There is also a serious risk for public transport in a number of cities because bus carriers go bankrupt. The so -called Minister Sabev "feeder" represents Regulation 1370 of the European Commission, which clearly regulates the responsibilities of the contracting authority of the transport service, ie. of the state through the municipalities. Not only do these responsibilities not be respected in Bulgaria, the contracting authority does not pay the carriers the necessary resources, but the state will also deprive 16 eligible groups of citizens, including students, retirees, students and large mothers of the opportunity to travel with reduction.
With the increased cost of transport, even the increase in ticket prices cannot compensate for losses. They are currently covered by bus carriers. Thanks to their will, this transport has not stopped yet, but if the demands are not granted, it will be gradually that this will happen because companies can no longer bear this financial burden and have mass bankruptcies. This is not a threat, intention or fad. This is a fact because carriers go bankrupt every day.
4. The topic of toll fees does not put in opposition professional carriers and all Bulgarians who have a private car. And currently, for a toll for one truck, the carriers pay between BGN 15 and 25 thousand a year. With the change from July 1, the price will increase to BGN 75 thousand. This three -time increase will be reflected in the prices of transport and, respectively, all the products paid by citizens. The MRDPW promises a reduction in the annual vignette for a car with 9.00 BGN, but at the same time collects hidden inflation of 900 levs through the prices of the products that every Bulgarian family consumes.
5. Every year, the automotive industry pays over BGN 1 billion in the treasury of Bulgaria from direct taxes, insurance, etc. This money goes to the budget and can be used by all Bulgarian citizens. If the companies go bankrupt, there will be no taxes, and these funds will not be able to be used for education, healthcare, social activities for all Bulgarians.
6. The Bulgarian transport industry is a direct and indirect employer of over 100,000 Bulgarians, with payment being one of the best in the country. The work of these people depends on the maintenance and the worthy life of between 300,000 and half a million Bulgarians.
The transport sector in Bulgaria is constructive, because the bet is not only the future of our industry and the jobs of the people we represent, but also of all Bulgarians. We put our suggestions on the negotiation table. We are announced in defense of all Bulgarian passengers and consumers!