Virus-free travel with innovative UV systems for bus air disinfection

No matter how long the bus trip, you can be sure that the air on board is purified and free of bacteria, 
viruses and most importantly - COVID-19.

The air in the bus is disinfected in a closed type irradiator, which kills all microorganisms without emitting harmful 
radiation into the room.
This is part of the already completed disinfection cycle, which is applied in the transport of passengers - from the 
external disinfection of the bus body through the internal disinfection of the cabin to the provision of fresh air 
during the trip.

The LED UVC irradiators installed in the buses of Union Ivkoni, Etap Address and Group Plus are certified for 
compliance after testing in the Laboratory of Disinfection, Sterilization and Bioindicators at the National Center 
for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases. High power of the air passing through the device, which contains viruses, 
bacteria and other harmful microorganisms and completely destroys them.Testing of this type of UV systems shows 
over 98% reduction, which in practice means complete extermination of the microflora after operation of the device in 
lasting only an hour and a half, according to the calculations for the volume of a large bus.

Dr. Dimitar Panev, an orthopedic traumatologist with long professional experience in Samokov and Sofia,
has a direct impression of the work of these devices. For half a year, the same type of closed UV systems have been 
installed in the hospital where he mainly works, and a complete safety effect for patients and medical staff has been 
reported. Ultraviolet rays have been used for years in hospitals for disinfection, recalls Dr. Panev. But in this case, 
they act in the closed housing of the device, destroying the DNA / RNA of microorganisms and thus block their reproduction 
and development. There is no direct radiation on people, no ozone is released.

The devices installed in the passenger compartment of the bus are adapted for a continuous work cycle. 
So no matter where and how long they travel, people can be sure that the air on board is kept clean.