Quality policy

UNION IVKONI is an established, experienced and reliable provider of transport and tourist services in the country and abroad – a leader on the Bulgarian market in the area of inter-city and international bus transport.

The Quality Management System helps us to implement our mission:
„We are engaged in meeting the needs and expectations of our clients by providing transport and tourist services which satisfy their requirements. We provide secured, safe and comfortable travel by offering high-standard maintenance services. We aim at achieving this by implementing innovative solutions, long-term partnership programs, client care of the highest quality and responsible attitude towards all interested parties.”

We manage our processes using a new way of thinking, taking the opportunities and risks into account, so that we can guarantee the quality of the services we offer.

For us, the term “quality” means:
  • A constant engagement towards knowing and fulfilling the requirements of the clients and of all interested parties.
  • Exact compliance with the norms of the regulatory acts applicable in the sphere.
  • Fair relations with partners and vendors.
  • Compliance with the rules of constant improvement of the services and processes.
  • Disposition towards the improvement of the qualification and competences of our employees.
  • Harmonious relations and an environment of mutual help.
By applying the Quality Management System, we aim at:
  • Being closer to our clients, achieving good communication and determining and satisfying their wishes easily.
  • Providing responsible and adequate attitude within the road environment.
  • Improving the quality of the provided services by having zero tolerance towards the infringements by foreseeing the risks and taking the opportunities.
  • Maintaining a culture of constant improvement of the processes in the organization.
  • Improving our internal communication and the engagementof the staff.
  • Motivating our employees and investing in their improval and career growth.
  • Improving the cooperation between us and our partners and vendors.
  • Reaching high business benchmarks.
In my capacity of a Manager of UNION IVKONI, with all of my decisions and actions, I guarantee that I will provide for the application of this Policy. I expect the same thing from each one of our employees. I am confident in the success that we are going to achieve together by employing the will and the skills of each one of us!

Manager: Georgi Atanasov