New measures when traveling to the French Republic
As of 15.02.2022, the sanitary measures when travelling to France depend on the country travelling from. As of 15 February 2022 there are no countries to fall into the "red" or "dark red zone". ...
British authorities liberalize restrictive measures in international trips to the country
From 04:00 on the 11th February 2022, the persons travelling to the United Kingdom from the Republic of Bulgaria (as well as from all the red list countries) which are completely vaccinated for at least 14 days will...
Ease requirements to fill in an electronic entry form to Romania (PLF)
The Romanian authorities have introduced some reliefs to the requirements for completing an electronic entry form to Romania (PLF) for the entry or passing through the territory of the country:    ...
Travel to France
Dear clients, When traveling to France or pass through the country, you must submit a PCR or antigen on the day of departure. Persons with a completed vaccination scheme provide only a European certificate. If ...
Free Second Checked Luggage
Dear clients, By February 28, each passenger who has purchased an international journey ticket receives a second free checked baggage to 30 kg. Union Ivkoni wishes you a nice trip!
Since October 2021, Bulgarian citizens can enter Britain only with an international passport
With regard to 1 October 2021, Bulgarian citizens can enter the UK only with an international passport, and it must be valid for the entire period of planned stay. Citizens who do not submit such a document will not...
Union Ivkoni expands its borders to Romania
In cooperation with the Romanian partner "Unibus", from 1 September we provide transport from Bulgaria and Romania to all over Greece, Italy, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, France...
Greek lines
Dear clients, From August 26, we launch new lines to Greece as follows:     Plovdiv - Pazardzhik - Sofia - Igoumenitsa;     Plovdiv - Pazardzhik - Sofia - Volos;   &nb...
New Measures related to Crown Virus to enter Germany
Since 1 August 2021, Germany will already distinguish between "high risk areas" and "viral variations". For "high-risk areas", regions and countries will be considered in which the 7-d...
Office Athens offers antigen (RAPID) and PCR tests
Dear clients, Welcome to our office in Athens with your international journey ticket. For your convenience, you can now make Monday to Friday express PCR or antigen test on the day of departure. The price of an...